A Bowl, Colander & Slicer with 7 Blades in One!

Perfect for All Prep from Shredding to Straining:

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Features a Pivoting Basket for Easy Rinsing & Straning!
  • Shredding Blades
  • Slicing Blades
  • Flower Blade
  • Grinding Blade

Introducing Ultimate Prep Bowl

The all-in-one Ultimate Prep Bowl will help you quickly enjoy the fruits of your labor without the usual kitchen clutter or mess. The multi-function set includes a shredder, a julienne slicer, a washer, a colander and extra bowl with 7 different cutting blades for different cuts of veggies. Better yet, the pivoting basket allows you to wash or strain those veggies in the same container without the need to transfer them to another bowl. All parts are detachable, making cleanup quick and easy.

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Cut & Wash in the Same Bowl!

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Order Ultimate Prep Bowl Today!

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