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In both good times and bad, more than 300 practices and 750 dentists have trusted their business health to Dental Care Alliance. And for good reason. As one of the largest DSO networks in the nation, we offer our affiliates an economy of scale that results in real savings at a time when every dollar counts.

Unlike most DSOs, Dental Care Alliance allows you to maintain your brand name and the cultural aspects that make your practice unique, while gaining the expertise, resources, and support to grow and thrive, even in an unfavorable business climate.

Practicing as a DCA affiliate
during these uncertain times

"DCA, thanks to its strong leadership, acted much more rapidly to COVID-19 than others and has continued to lead the way for affiliated offices more effectively than, in my opinion, than any individual or group of dental practices."

Bryan Laskin, DDS
Lake Minnetonka Dental
DCA Partner since 20XX

Bryan Laskin, DDS

Unleash your growth potential

Partner doctors who joined DCA in the last 2 years have achieved an average annual practice EBITDA increase of 8% with DCA's support and growth solutions.

Annual Growth in EBITDA post DCA Affiliation

Annual Growth in EBITA post-DCA Affiliation

Solution-based services crafted from 30 years of experience

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Real-time Analytics + Predictive Modeling

Our state-of-the-art practice reporting tools provide the opportunity to optimize operations and maximize the growth of your practice.

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Information Technology

We invest in world-class, cloud-based management and information systems to help you readily access the data that fuels your practice.

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Our innovative and diverse eLearning and live programs support DCA’s commitment to employee development, partnership, and enrichment.

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Engagment + Patient Experience

We support all DCA-affiliated practices with professionally designed materials that enable them to deliver an exceptional patient experience that creates patients for life.

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Facilities + Real Estate

We support our affiliated practices by working with leadership to ensure safe, clean, and comfortable facilities to serve patients.

06 06

HR, Payroll + Recruiting

Our experts keep track of changing legislation, employee benefits, and more. Need to hire? Our recruiting team will handle the search, presenting you with the top qualified candidates to interview.

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Legal + Compliance

Our Legal Department has a multi-disciplinary team, whose experience covers the entirety of the business and legal needs of our organization.

08 8


From building brand recognition to increasing treatment acceptance, our marketing experts provide the knowhow and tools to help you easily attract and retain patients.

09 09

Credentialing + Contracting

In partnering with more than 300 practices over 3 decades, we’ve amassed a wealth of experience in credentialing and contracting. Let our experts handle the details of this laborious and time-consuming process.

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We have the combined network buying power to procure the supplies, equipment, and materials you routinely use at attractive, volume-based discounts.

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Accounting + Finance

We handle all the things you don’t want to, including payroll, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, and more.

Don’t go it alone.

Over the past 30 years, we've helped our affiliates weather increasing regulations, decreasing reimbursements, and three prior recessions. As a result, we’ve built the strength and resilience to help your practice thrive, even during a global pandemic.

Experience the strength in numbers that DCA can offer you. Take action now and, in roughly 90 to 120 days, you’ll gain a proven partner to help you prosper in both good times and bad.

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